10 Reason Why You're Stalking Your EX Bae

We are all ex-stalking I’m just the first to admit it. If you read that last sentence and sang it along to the tune of Kayne West’s All Falls Down, then I fw you heavvvyy. Anyways, as y’all know ya girl is single and every once in a while I may find myself creeping on my ex man’s page…come on now, we all do it. No judgement here, girlfriend because we all have our reasons. So I created a list of reasons on why you may be creeping on your ex bae’s page. I know that I haven’t had a girl talk post in a while and that a lot of y’all relate to these situations…so let’s get it popping!


You haven’t moved on

It’s okay, this takes time. When you truly love somebody, enjoyed the time y’all spent, AND y’all were friends…it’s hard to completely detach from that connection. You don’t have to dread on it but just accept the situation for what it is.

You aren’t emotionally/mentally ready to invest again

Sometimes being in a relationship – healthy or not – it can be draining. Relationships are WORK and need constant attention, communication, and effort. So sometimes you just don’t want to deal with feelings whether they’re yours or someone else’s.

Y’all are together but not together (rolls eyes)

I feel like this is the most annoying spot to be in man anddd there’s levels to this phase too. But when y’all ditched the title but didn’t ditch the benefits that go along with them then you’re stuck in the sunken place of the relationship world. I feel as if the most confusion and stress comes here because of the line: We’re not together so why are you tripping? Like booooy, if you don’t get. 

You’re comparing other men to him

You ever text a new guy or go on a date and compare them to old bae? Yeah, this could be hurting a new connection more than you realize. Oh he doesn’t joke the same way or have the same drive so on and so forth. Maybe you even judge the conversation, like man he asked me “wyd” about 15 times and your old man never did that because your conversations just flowed.

You feel threatened or concerned

Maybe there’s a new chick on the block and you gotta see what’s up. Scope her out. Now I am not saying do anything crazy here, but….to each it’s own.

You want to see if he has a new boo

This is a little different than the reason above, you look to see if there is a potential bae BUT there isn’t 🙂

You want to (and hope) he’s lost or suffering

Not like suffering as in he’s in the hospital but more like suffering without your love and presence in his life. Did he lose/gain weight, get uglier (this happens), lost his glow. You want to see how he is coping post break up.

You’re interested in what’s on his mind

You want to see what he’s thinking without having to text him or ask…so you pop up on his Twitter feed.

You’re all up in his likes #guiltyaf

Oooooh y’all! Check the likes. People keep their TL clean or dry when you’re creeping but jump into the likes and that’s where all the tea is.

You’re bored or drunk

A lot of the times we aren’t really lonely, we’re just bored so we stalk for the sake of wasting time. Or when we’ve had too many shots of henny and we’re feeling freaky so we may send that drunk text and or call.

You’re still fooling around

I know I said ten but the last reason why you may still be stalking and creeping is because y’all still…ya know. The peach and the eggplant. That alone (if it’s good) can make a girl crazy for coco puffs!


I get we all have our own ways of moving on and occasionally ex creeping, but make sure that you only allow this to be a phase and allow a new man to come into your life. I also want to say that when moving on it doesn’t have to mean that you need a new man right away. Sometimes it’s best to take a break and just focus on you and what it is you want.




Micah Nicole