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This “broke college girl” stigma has got to go, sis.

I started really using my personal brand back in 2015 when I was only 19 years old. I figured out how to throw all of my passions, skills, and interests into content that people actually cared about. Later, I then figured out how to get them to pay me for it and became seen as an expert around what I was passionate about.

Fast forward to 2018, I’ve been able to break the “broke college girl” stigma and literally create a life, personal brand, and business developed from my passions. I’ve met, worked with and for some amazing women (Maya Elious, Emmelie de la Cruz, Meagan Ward, Jereshia Hawk, Ashley Devonna…just to name a few lol) in the online space and have had the opportunity to do some pretty cool things which I’ll share with you later. And I know for a fact that I would not have been able to achieve all I have without:

1) identifying + capitalizing on my personal brand

2) determining my dream audience + developing a culture base

3) building my own digital crib (my website + blog)

4) creating bomb strategic content to position myself as an “expert”

5) monetizing my passions through teaching

My goal is to help content creators identify their personal brands so they can show up on online confidently, build their digital influence, and connect with their ideal content consumer ( the people who love, support, and buy from them), and monetize their passions in the digital space from the ground up so they can see some coins in their bank account. 

Hi boo,

I get it, being broke sucks but so does wanting to create a business around your passion and having no clue how to execute it. Maybe you have a ton of ideas and can’t see how to make them all work together without looking a hot mess.

After 3 years in the game, I use my blog, courses, and 1:1 coaching to help you have less stress and more finesse, okuuur. But no, my goal is to help you get your passion-based business from stress to strategy, the f*ck to tech-friendly, and from passion to profit.

*coming soon*