I’m Micah, and welcome to my digital home. This space is perfect for: the girls who want to be visionaries but still know how to throw that ass in circle. The #girlbosses, the girls who can’t wait to update their wardrobe, travel the world, fall in love, and those wanting to create a slay worthy lifestyle. I want my experiences and my journey to inspire and motivate you to take the leap and do the things you’ve always considered yourself to be too young for. On my blog, my number goal is to encourage young women to ditch the quo, meaning to challenge what is seen as normal and traditional, to break boundaries and create a life they love. I aim to stay transparent and honest with my readers through every single thing I post. If I am giving advice + tips, it’s from the heart and based of off things I’ve gone through. I love writing in a way that allows you all to see and get a feel for who I am but also so you can benefit and implement the things into your life too.

Fancy bio:

“Thoughts and the perception of ourselves is the main thing people are controlled by. If you’re taught you can’t do anything, you won’t do anything. I was taught I could do everything” – Kanye West

Micah runs a blog,, that receives 2,500+ monthly views from college girls all over the world. Here, White dishes out tips and tough love on subjects such as personal branding, women empowerment, relationships, and more. Her goal is to let her experiences and journey inspire and motivate young women to take the leap and do the things they’ve considered themselves to be too young for.

Through her blog, she offers a free 5-day email course, with 200 girls enrolled, on personal branding where she helps girls understand personal branding is, its importance and how to identify their own. She also has a full intensive course on personal branding with 20 girls enrolled. White has helped 10 girls land their dream internships and paying jobs, one girl land an internship in Time Square and with Wendy Williams production team for Fall 2017.

Micah is a true millennial with an entrepreneurial spirit. She is the Lead Web Design Strategist and founder of Babe to Boss LLC, a virtual tech assistance boutique that helps female infopreneurs learn stress free ways to implement tech, design, and site strategy into their online business. White has generated $24,000+ since opening in March 2016 while in school.

About the brand:

Micah Nicole is an online brand that provides both free and paid content for the college #girlboss to help her identify, implement, and continuously elevate her personal brand and other areas of her life. Our mission is to empower girls to ditch the status quo, become more marketable and start living their dream lives today.


Things that get me going:

  1. blogging
  2. tech and design
  3. personal branding
  4. women empowerment
  5. teaching and sharing my knowledge with others


My Most POPULAR Posts:

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