Woohoo! Happy New Year! Noticing anything new? If you haven’t, girl grab ya glasses and take a look around, xoxo!

So when I started my blog in 2015 I never knew that it would be where it is today. I wasn’t sure that I was even going to enjoy it or put the necessary effort into blogging. I wasn’t sure if anybody was going to view my blog, let alone benefit from it. Little did I know, I was going to fall in love with the process of blogging, creating content, and connecting + inspiring some pretty bomb ladies.

I brought my blog from a pitiful 150 views a month to 2,250+ views a month, had ladies reading from all over the US, Canada, UK, and Africa. I was touching people and they actually gave a hoot about my life and things a wrote about. So for 2017, I knew that I wanted to take my blog and blogging even more serious than I have ever done before.

The Name Change

Maybe you noticed this or maybe you had no idea, but it happened. Why? My blog was growing, I was connecting with girls all over on a deep and personal level. They were connecting with me, supporting me, buying from me, making decisions because of me. The direction and vision I have for my blog has altered to something bigger than when I initially started. I wanted to turn my blog into a business, something that could be profitable. I wanted to make it into a brand. Another reason was because I wanted to make this into a blog and a personal website. With that being said, I felt as if it was best for me to switch from She Is Valiant to my own name, well sort of since it’s just my first and middle name. I wanted to take my brand to the next level by adding my name to what I already created in the online space. All of my social media channels were under micahxnicole (because micahnicole was taking *sad face*) so why not my blog as well? I wanted future visitors, readers, clients, or friends to connect to the face, brand, and my story to the name. Now, I plan to keep my domain She Is Valiant and maybe use it for something different in the future. But this is what’s best for me, my blog, and what’s to come. Welcome to www.micahnicole.com 😉

Blog Post Template (before and after)

Another change that is right in front of you is the blog post template design. Cute right? With branding, consistency is major. I cannot stress this enough! So about 4 months into blogging, I realized that and created a template to use for all my posts…(p.s. this post will be coming out in 2017):


We are poor but want to live (or look) like we're popping! Here are some tips and tricks I used to make my space look waaaay more than it was ;) XO!


it was “on brand ” because it was consistent, image > color block that has a color from the image > post title in bold white text > blog url in a thin font. But it didn’t – for the majority of the time – have any colors from my brand. It bothered me but I didn’t really do anything about it and let it ride out. But for 2017, I wanted to design a template that used two fonts, my brand colors, and was a step up from what I previously created.


The Layout

New year, new layout. I want to create the best user experience possible. I’ve been the blogger, designer, reader, client, business woman, so I understand all perspectives. I thought about the layout as the reader, what would I want to see or as a paying customer how do I want to navigate when making a purchase. I wanted to be very intentional and strategical with this new layout. I wanted you to see the site and be like daaaaamn this is nice, Micah did her thing with this! So I placed things in specific places so that I subconsciously guided you to click on what I wanted you to all while making it feel like it was only your doing. The new layout should be completed sometime between Feb. 8-12th! 

A New Path 

As I mentioned before, I wanted to take this “blogging” thing waaaay more seriously. You’re probably like girl what, how? Now, I posted every month, designed graphics, promoted my content, and alladat. But I had no real strategy. So for not having anything set up and in place I think my blog’s views and how I connected with my audience throughout 2016 was great but it could always be better. I really want to focus on growth, deeper audience engagement, traffic to my site, reach more people, being profitable and so on so forth. I want to go from 2,250 monthly views to 30k! Dream big right?

the MBOX


I am adding a newsletter to my site, something I should have done a loooong time ago. Email lists are key (especially if you’re a blogger and/or business owner) and it’s about time I add one. So, the MBox was born (clever, huh?) what the MBox is, is an exclusive look into my life, business, and blogging that you won’t find anywhere else. Not on Twitter, Snap, the blog, in my courses…NO WHERE except through my newsletters. I plan to send them out once a month, every third Tuesday at 8PM CT because that’s when my traffic seems to be booming the most. You’ll be receiving very raw and vulnerable content on anything…recap of an awful date, my favorite mentors, how to add cool things to your own blog, amazing things going on in my life, college mental break downs, who knows! I want to be open and 100 with you, I am not perfect but I work my ass off with the occasional laziness here and there. But, you’ll only get this side of me if you sign up for the MBox. I do want to clarify, I am real and honest on the blog with everything I post but the newsletter takes it a little bit deeper.

Girl Talk and Growth

These have been the two main topics I write about on the blog. I finally narrowed it down to what I enjoy talking about AND what my girls enjoy reading. With the process of me launching my full intensive course on personal branding, there are going to be a lot more growth related content coming out during the first quarter. Don’t worry, there will still be a girl talk post every now and then but they will be limited during my launching period.


My biggest excitement for 2017! If you’ve been around you know that I’ve been offering a Free 5 Day Email Course on personal branding where I help the college girl boss start identifying her personal brand. Don’t worry, it will remain free 

Image result for cardi b forever meme

I promise, it’s not going anywhere. But something I am adding to the site is the full course. It’s JAM PACKED with amazing lessons and modules on how you can identify, implement, and elevate your personal brand. I would brag about how amazing this course is here, but I’ve spent HOURS/DAYS and what feels like years crafting this amazing sales page for you that lays out every single thing for you. Don’t worry, you can read about the full course here! The course doesn’t launch until February, 14th 2017 but in the meantime, why not sign up for the FREE 5 day Email Course?


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P.S. If you forgot, the blog will be going under construction! A new layout is on the way, so soak up as much content as you can because in 3 weeks she’ll be gone. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when everything is ready.

There you have it! I hope you liked this post, if you did go ahead and stay on the blog and read some more! I don’t disappoint ? 

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