Marissa Wilson | Marketing Manager | Blavity + 21 Ninety











Micah played a vital role in pitching, developing and launching the first rendition of digital products and master classes for our women’s lifestyle brand, 21Ninety. Throughout the internship Micah was responsible for:

• Writing and road mapping sales funnel sequences
• Designing supplemental course materials
• Creating SMS copy and engagement strategies for students enrolled in the course

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Micah and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to our team. She is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. She has demonstrated her work ethic on various tasks throughout the internship and brought valuable knowledge and ideas to the table. Along with her work ethic, Micah has always been an absolute joy to work with. She is a true team player, and always aimed to push the envelope and develop innovative ways to launch and build out our digital products. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Micah for future positions. 


Meagan Ward | Brand Manager |










I have known Micah since she applied for my design academy classes summer 2015 for my company, Creatively Flawless, LLC. The design classes covered Photoshop and building WordPress websites to aid women entrepreneurs in cultivating flourishing businesses. I have taught many women, but Micah is a standout young woman of excellence who has outperformed in many of my challenging classes.

In our initial meet, she expressed great interest in learning the ropes of design and since then I have watched Micah blossom into budding business owner creating her own branding company and personal blog. Micah’s natural abilities for business and design are astonishing, yet she is always eager to learn more. I have no doubt that Micah will be successful in whatever her purpose takes her and I recommend her without hesitation. If anything is needed regarding Ms.White, I am available via email at


Maya Elious | Content Strategist for Businesses and Personal Brands |










Micah has been a high-achieving student in both of my online coaching programs. I’ve been really impressed with her ability to execute quickly and stretch herself beyond her comfort zone. I’ve witnessed how she’s inspired her peers through her determination to succeed. It’s been an honor to watch Micah grow and continue to help others build their visual brand.


Mel Denise, Personal Branding Course Feedback

Dominque, Personal Branding Feedback

Bri | College Student 

“Moved” would be the world to describe my feelings after completing your 5 day course.  I was “moved” to completely revamp my blog & social media accounts … & to not only invest in my craft but into myself. I was moved to not only figure out terms to define myself but what others thought of me(and everything wasn’t nice).  I was moved to begin a new year figuring out who I am so that I can market myself to the world.  I was moved when I figured out that another young  African American woman is out here doing her thangggggg and has no problem helping others! This 5 day course is a MUST regardless if someone owns a blog, business, etc. It’s a “moving” course that you can’t go wrong with

Gabby | College Student

The course was easy to follow and not only easy to follow but fun and I couldn’t wait until I received the next email after completing each assignment. I can tell you knew what you were talking about you were so clear, open, and raw. It also, felt personal which helped a lot. This course was amazing and literally has got me pumped up and started on my personal brand. The assignments helped me learn more about myself, my characteristics, and my strengths. I now have a jaw dropping elevator pitch and I’m ready to take on my success with my personal brand. I was sad on the fifth day of the course because it was over! I can’t wait until the full course is available. Thanks Micah!

Lisa Jones | College Student 

Your 5 day email course was truly amazing! I enjoyed every part of it. It was definitely helpful, full of great details and and your fun personality stood out. Even though it was about learning and helping others it’s was still fun and very relatable as well as professional. I enjoyed every part of it and I definitely walked away with a lot. Thank you for sharing and for being amazing!


December Smith | College Student

I just wanted to thank you for your impact on me this year. I came across your blog through my friend Dominique. That was the first time I learned about personal branding. Since then I’ve been logging onto your website daily. When I started your personal branding course, I went out and bought a notebook that I fill with inspirational tips which includes a ton from your blog. Anyway, because of your personal branding course and blog I’ve figured out what I want to do in life and how I want to be seen. I had a pretty rough 2016 and your blog made me think about the decisions I made and helped me figure out what I was trying to find. Your blog and just you as a person, taught me how to finally love myself with or without a man, to accept myself, and to work hard for what I truly want. So far over this break I’ve been working my butt of at my job so I can invest in myself to better my resume and personal brand. Micah thank you so so so so much for your blog. It really had changed me life and every time I log on I feel like I’m having a good, deep convo with a friend. With this personal branding course I was able to learn my purpose and passion in life and landed my dream internship! Sign up for this and learn to SLAY your personal brand, I promise it will change your life!

Raven | College Student

I love your story Micah & I’m honored to even know you, let alone have the pleasure to learn from you & just to be contact with someone who is so ambitious & is around my age! I’ve been begging for a tribe of like-minded women for a while now. It’s as if we are a lost breed. We aliens in this thang. But girl you are the GOAT. You’re amazing! Thank you for shamelessly being yourself. You give other girls like me the courage to step out fearlessly & own being a girl boss while in college.

Mel Denise | College Student

I came across your blog, and shortly after was following you on every other platform. Your personality seems so parallel to mine, and the same applies to your style. I love looking at everything you post! I’m gushing because I fell even more in love with your brand after taking your personal branding course. I was very excited to receive an email daily, as they truly did help me. I finished just a few days ago, and since, I have completely revamped my blog. Your course not only helped me, but it inspired me as well.