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We all know that social media is a great space to share what’s on your mind, connect with family and friends, and post bomb selfies….buttttttt it’s can also be used to network and build your personal brand. Remember when our parents were always like “watch what you say on social media” well I hate to say it, they were right. Employers nowadays look at your social media, scary right? Time to make social media branding easy, find out how to brand your social media right now, xoxo!

1. Keep your bios consistent

Some girls our age don’t really pay attention to their bios or if they do it doesn’t serve them at all. Now, you want all of your bios across your social media to be anywhere between 90-100% similar. You want your bio to show your visitors your interests, talents, goals, who you serve, and what it is you’re doing. It should relate to your personal brand and audience and be a fun reflection of you. Now I am a college student, a blogger, a dreamer, and business woman. My social media feeds are mostly for my blog readers so I wanted to keep it on that level and not too business-like. However, if a employer were to read my bio it would show my wit, sense of humor and still inform them on what my goals are or what it is I am doing. Oh, and hello! If you have a website/blog/portfolio put it in your bio!


Social Media Branding



Previous Twitter bio – 21 | Future PR Girl | I help girls gain the confidence to do what they thought they couldn’t while slaying daily & being unapologetically themselves

Previous  Instagram bio – ambitious & ass shaking • I help girls gain the confidence to do what they thought they couldn’t while slaying daily & being unapologetically themselves

Older Twitter/Instagram bio – 21 | Future PR Girl | Lifestyle Blogger • Somewhere listening to Beyoncé, being clatchét, and pinning outfits I can’t afford • Oh, and I design.

2. Have a friendly profile picture (no red cup photos please)

This is big and something that’s not hard. I bet you take a good amount of selfies in a week, find a cute one and make it your profile picture. I know we all want our Snapchat flower crown to be your profile picture but try to stay away unless it’s just that bomb. I get, I switched my professional image to a flower crown picture I took for about a week and had to switch back. However, if you want to get real advanced, make your profile picture the same on all channels. If you want, turn your “friendly” profile picture into a nice on brand high quality head-shot. Say no to profile pictures with your skin being overly exposed, with drugs or alcohol, or anything that could turn future employers away. Because side note, they don’t care and will not sympathize that you’re a young girl in college tryna have fun and party with your friends…save all the craziness for Snapchat, okaaay.


Below are my most used profile pictures that I tend to switch around from time to time. In all my pictures I make sure to have a high quality on brand picture. This could include me holding a laptop, a mug, or an iPhone in my hand. I try to make sure my brand’s colors are able to be found in the picture (blush, nude, black or white). I also make sure to have things relating to my words, business, goals, etc. 


Social Media Branding for College Girls


Social Media Branding for College Girls


Social Media Branding for College Girls


Social Media Branding for College Girls


Social Media Branding for College Girls

3. Pay attention to your headers

You can approach this two ways. Make your header simply one of your brand’s key colors or find an image that reflects your brand, mission, work, goals, etc. When I mentioned the consistent bios in number 1, you can see what one of my headers look like 🙂


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4. Your (at) name should be the same across all social media channels.

You want it to be very easy to find you on the internet. Point, blank, period. People shouldn’t have to type in or remember multiple user names just to find you because that gets tiring. And quite frankly, they shouldn’t have to. Keeping your @ name the same on all channels (are you seeing a pattern here? Consistency matters girl) is a great way to brand yourself and it makes it easier when you have a resume or personal business card with your socials on it because you can direct them all to the one handle.


“If it’s easy to find you, then it’s easy to pay you” – Mattie James



 Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, FB page@micahxnicole 

Facebook and LinkedIn: Micah White because that’s my legal name

Snapchat: add name is micahwhite02 (which you cannot change :/ so if you don’t have a Snapchat yet, keep that in mind!) however, you can change the way your name shows up on your peers feeds so I have mine as micahxnicole with the sparkly emoji…because that’s what they see and it allows me to remain consistent. 


5. Post smart content

Hello, don’t just tweet about your whereabouts and how much you love potatoes (me). Be sure to post things related to your interests, skills, brand, the job industry you’re in or interested in, etc. Tweet out people in your industry, participate in a twitter chats, join groups, share blog links, etc. You want people to see your feed and know what you’ve up to and what you’re working on. Boost yourself and be your biggest hype (wo)man!



I post things about my blog, tweet things relating to my life (accomplishments), daily things, engage with people, show off designs I’ve created, promote my courses, tweet out #girlbosses that I follow, etc. Now, I’m not saying you can’t retweet things that are “off brand” but do post things that can help make you shine. So it’s probably not the smartest idea to retweet somebody with the handle name “@FckBtchesGetMoney”, ya know? 


6. Follow people who matter

No shade here, I’m sure you love (or don’t) the people you follow but try to de-clutter and cleanse what you see on your social media feeds. I got sick of seeing World Star, girls twerking, and other nonsense always consuming my feed. When you follow other people who are about it their shit and killing the game, they show up on your feed (gasps!) and it’s a total game changer. Simply seeing what they’re up to can motivate and push you to an entirely new level. BUT don’t get me wrong, I haven’t completely de-cluttered my Twitter because who doesn’t love a little bit of drama, messiness, and ratchetry?



There you have it! Social Media Branding made easy 🙂


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