How to Start a blog

Blogging is the new black? Maybe? Blogging has been around forever but for some reason it’s popping and seen as the “cool thing” now. Having a blog – or just getting your own spot in the digital space – is a great way to boost your personal brand. I want to help you get your first blog started asap and correctly. Let’s get started!

1. Get your personal brand right

Your blog or personal website is an add on and reflection of your personal brand. Creating a blog is great way to pave your way in the digital space, create a community, and establish credibility on the topic you’re talking about. Having your personal brand in check will allow you to brand your blog or personal site and will help create consistency within your overall brand.

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2. Who do you want to serve?

Who are you serving and what kind of people do you want to help? Knowing this will help you craft what you post, tweet, and write about. Knowing this will also help you if you ever wanted to create a workshop or sell a product. Even if you are creating a personal site – like an online resume – you still have an audience. Your future employers would be your audience and you would structure your site around them.

For me, my ideal audience and who I serve:  college girls who want to boss up, slay daily, and be unapologeticlly themselves. What I tweet, blog about, support, and sell all relates to who I serve and want to help.

Give it a try, who are you serving? Who do you want help? I go more in depth on finding your ideal tribe in my full intensive course.

3. Purchase your domain and hosting

Your domain =

Your hosting = where/what your blog or personal site is held on (,, Wix, Weebly, Sqaurespace, Blogger, etc.) If you’re serious stick to or Sqaurespace.

What’s the difference between and is self-hosted which means: Self hosting is the act of having your website totally under your control. This can include you managing all whole aspects of it, from setting up the web server to installing software, to simply managing your weblog software like WordPress. is a self-hosted site.

Here’s how to switch from to – watch it now.

Purchasing your own domain gives you control. Yes, social media gives you a voice in the online space but what happens with your favorite social media app goes ghost? You and your brand go right along with it. With having your own domain and hosting, nobody can take that away from you.

These things go hand and hand. However, don’t feel bad if you’re not there yet. I do have a quick tutorial on how to purchase your domain for less than $15 and in under 5 minutes! 

In this tutorial, I mention the webinar “3 Ways to Elevate Your Brand Today” – I have converted it into a MP3 you can listen to anywhere! Listen here. In the #SlayYourBrand full course I show you how to purchase your domain, hosting,  AND how to set up your own blog or personal website 😉 Read about the course here and see if it’s right for you.

4. Social Media

Brand that social media, boo. If you don’t have social media for your brand, make them asap. It could be the accounts you already have, just change the name to reflect your blog and brand. I am not saying you need one Twitter for you and then another for your blog but you can do that if need be. I personally wanted to keep micahxnicole because I wanted my name on it but I still post and boost my blog, brand, and business stuff under that handle. Just make sure that your handles are all the same. Because if it is easy to find you, then it’s easy to pay you *snap snap*

Now, you don’t need to be present on every single social media because that would be a headache. Find the socials that you like that most and go from there. When you’ve been blogging enough, you’ll be able to see where the majority of your traffic comes from and then can make changes from there. I personally love Twitter and over half of my traffic comes from there. 

5. Brand and design your blog

Visuals matter and consistency matters. You want to take elements from your personal brand and infuse them into your website. Things like colors, tones, graphics, photos, etc. During this time, you want to design your blog’s layout! In my full course, I show you how to get your blog set up step-by-step from scratch. For example, my personal site and blog Micah Nicole, you can easily find:

my tonetough love, real, confident

my colorsblack, white, blush

my graphics – thick fonts, hand written fonts, straight edges/lines

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6. Create your key pages

ABOUT ME: People connect with people. It’s as simple as that. Your ideal audience wants to know WHO you are. They want to know your story and why you’re doing what you’re doing. How did you get from point A to point B. Your about me page should have an image of you, your brief story, who/why you help, and a call to action.

call to action: directing your audience to do something

View mine:

CONTACT: Add in 2-3 sentences where you mention your response time and just to say hi! Next, have a space where you have your location, email, and/or phone number listed out. Lastly, have a contact form that people can fill out straight from your site! I see a lot of sites without a contact page or any info, like girl. View mine: 

BLOG PAGE: Here is where all of your amazing posts will be housed every time you create + upload them! View mine:

7. Your topics and ideas

Figure out what you love to do, what people ask you help for, and the things you’re good at and start writing about them! You don’t want to write about every single topic under the sun because well….baby you’ll get drained out. Trust me. We don’t know everything and that is okay. When I first started blogging I talked about: beauty, fashion, health, girl talk, growth and it was a headache. Yes, I could beat my face but that didn’t mean I was qualified to write the 120 things that fall under beauty. 

After a while I took a look at my most viewed topics and what I enjoyed writing the most. It ended up being girl talk and growth. I realized that I always got questions on love/relationships (girl talk) and how to become better at something regarding growth (branding/business). Figuring this out made writing less stressful and I was able to really narrow it down and not only write about something that served my audience but something I loved.

Here’s a little lesson you can use to find your sweet spot! Click here or on the diagram below to get started 🙂

8. Write + Share your first post

You’ve got your personal brand identified, your audience determined, your domain and hosting all figured out, the layout is done, you have your social media channels in check, your pages is in order, you have your sweet spot…now it’s time to get your first post out! 

Be sure to proof read and then publish! Make sure you are sharing your posts with your audience. If you don’t share then how will they care?

Tips when sharing:

  • share your link using images/GIFs
  • don’t just say “read my blog post” or just post the link itself
  • use excerpts from your post or something that’s attention grabbing and relates to what you wrote about
  • it’s okay to post the same post more than once a day – actually you should post it at least 3x a day. Why because people miss tweets because your TL is going by so fast. Plus the SM algorithm is changing, so you could post something at 12PM on Monday and someone wouldn’t see it until 4PM the next day. 


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