I was a 19 year old girl wanting a better and more purpose driven life. So I made my first investment in 2015 and the rest was history. I was gaining more connections, more money, and more opportunities.

I want my experiences and my journey to inspire and motivate you to take the leap and do the things you’ve always considered yourself to be too young for. I want y’all to succeed in every aspect of your life: health, fitness, self-love, business/school, relationships, and more. What you’ll find through out my site >>>> skin care routines, DIY home decor, all things relationships, ways to grow your brand, and just the craziness and new adventures I embark on as I enter my twenties.

I want to empower girls to ditch the status quo, become more marketable and start living their dream lives like…now. Who says you can’t buy your own car in cash at 20, start a business, or whatever it is at young age? Why wait. I believe in the power of women empowerment, sharing knowledge and a strong personal brand. Feel free to look around, get inspired, and even make a new internet friend.