How to Find your Sweet Spot


As a kid I was a huge Mulan fan (still am) so I felt the title of this lesson [Who is that Girl I See] was a good choice because this lesson is all about asking yourself questions. Figuring out this model can help you turn your passions to profits (cha-ching!), figure out what to blog about, or even get “unstuck”. If you take a look at mine are, you can see that I’ve combined all of my skills, interests, and passions to start a business, a blog, create shirts, and design courses.

I want you think about it, who are you? Without the weave, fresh nails, without your sport title. Who are you? What drives you and makes your eyes light up? When we really discover who we are and what our purpose is…it allows us to connect with the world and people on a much deeper level.

You want to find your sweet spot…the thing that makes up the root of your personal brand. It’s a combination of your interests, skills, and passions so that you can really serve the world and connect with the right audience, employer, and more.

Q1: What are you good at? These are normally things that you can do naturally. Think of things your friends always come to you for.

Q2: What do you like doing? Think of two things.

Q3: Name three things about you, that’s strictly unique to you.

Q4: What things interest you? Things that spark curiosity and you’d do if you had more time.

Q5: What things drive and motivate you? What makes you get up and go? Think of your passions, if you could do this for the rest of your life without pay what would it be. Think deep.

Now that you’ve been able to choose fill out the three sections, let’s try to find your sweet spot. This will take some playing around and a little finesse. See which things relate in some way and how you can use it. Try combinding things from each category and see how they can infuse and work with each other.


Skills – designing | Interests – teaching | Passions – personal branding = my courses

Skills – technology | Interests – blogging | Passions – women empowerment = my blog

Skills – designing and technology | Interests – teaching and creativity and economic growth | Passions – personal branding and women empowerment = my design business built strictly for new female business owners

Before moving on, make sure you have this assignment completed because we take these categories to craft your personal branding statement and elevator pitch.

Also, you’ll want to pay attention to everything within this lesson because you can refer back to this when you want to turn your passions into profits.

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