Holy cow. I've been blogging for a year. I've learned so much about myself, blogging, and more. So here are 10 things blogging has taught me, xoxo!

My blog turned a year old September 18th, 2016. Holy crap. Through out the last year, I’ve learned a ton about running a blog, myself, and others. So for those curious or newbie bloggers, this post is for you. I hope you enjoy, and remember, it’s always a good thing to reflect back on things. Let’s get into it, xoxo!

The first thing I learned from a year blogging is,


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it cost money…point blank period. If you’re on the web today, your site must,  I repeat must be either Squarespace or self-hosted WordPress. Say bye-bye to Wix, WordPress.com, blogger, blog spot….whatever else. Don’t do it. You will not be taken seriously, I promise you. So how much does it really cost to start a decent blog? I spent $80 to start She Is Valiant – spent $60.81 on hosting (what holds your site, like the home), my domain (what you type in….your site name) was FREE for the first year and $20 on a theme template (the base/look for your blog). To me, that’s a pretty small initial investment. Now, the renewal cost happens every year for once a year and I spent $110 to renew my site domain and hosting to keep my blog alive. I also paid for classes (online) to learn from well-known bloggers. My tip for newbies, don’t stress too much on the look…because my blog is just now how I want it. When I started last year, it was  very simple just so I could see if I was going to be consistent enough.

The second thing I learned from a year of blogging is,

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it is a learning process and it takes time. When I started, I got 100-200 monthly views (which I was geeked about because I didn’t think anyone cared what I wrote about) and now I get 2,000 views a month. So be patient. You learn what you do and don’t like, you figure out what the best process for you is when it comes to producing posts (for me, I think of the post and write it that day, wait an hour, go back and edit, and either post it that day or the next) it’s not every one’s cup of tea but it works for me. I started off with several topics and now I strictly focus on girl talk and growth…they are my most popular and my favorite to write. You get to understand your audience and what they like and how you can best serve them. You find out cool tips + tricks when it comes to blogging and how to make yours better. Along the way, I learned new skills that will actually help me in the future….Photoshop, Indesign, Coding, WordPress, Email Software, and more.


The third thing I learned from a year of blogging is,

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it’s way more work than people think. For some strange reason everyone thinks blogging is this easy tasks and everything is just roses….NO. It is hard and stressful (at times) but it’s also amazing. But there’s a lot of work that goes into it. You have to promote, create posts, edit them, schedule them, design graphics for all social media, if you do videos….you have to record and edit those, you have to do SEO, and more. Some posts require more effort, for example: a look book post or a tutorial post. If it was easy than everyone would be doing it and doing it well.


The fourth thing I learned from a year of blogging is,

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hello, consistency matters b. Your blog’s visuals….logo, fonts, textures, graphics, blog templates, your overall color scheme, etc. Your site has to be visually pleasing and as an entirety make sense. But don’t worry, I didn’t start nailing this until about 4 months into blogging. How is your tone + voice? Does it flow and come through authentically in what you post? Can it even be heard? People tell me that when they read my blog, it feels as if they’re talking to their best friend and that’s so cool to me. Are you consistent via social media? Learn how to simply brand your social media channels here. But besides having your socials branded are you consistent on them, your blog included? I have the same spunk, sarcasm, and advice on my blog, Twitter, Insta, and Snap (may be a little bit more racthet clatchét on there lol) but I am the same. I don’t cause confusion by acting like an angel on one social and than psycho on the next.

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The fifth thing I learned from a year of blogging is,

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you have to make them come…basically if no one is reading your blog it’s because nobody knows about it. It’s really that simple, so say goodbye to being shy and allladat because you have to promote your posts. I was shy at first and only posted on Twitter, then made my way to Facebook, Snap, Insta, and Pinterest…now I still want to get better with Insta and Pinterest, but share, share, share!!! Most socials algorithms have changed so the majority of the time not everyone sees the first time you post….so don’t worry too much about being spamy or annoying.


The sixth thing I learned from a year of blogging is,

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you’ll make some pretty bomb relationships and connections. Through growing and learning I’ve come across some amazing coaches and mentors. I’ve actually established some friendships (where we text lol) with some girls that really related to my posts. Just being able to help so many amazing girls out there makes my heart so warm! I have people reading my blog all over the US, Canada, the UK, Africa, it’s so crazy to me. I reply to allllll of the things y’all say to me because it really does mean a lot. I’ve screen shotted every nice thing people have said to me about my blog or how it’s helped them and saved them into a special album lol.


The seventh thing I learned from a year of blogging is,

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is that we’re all more the same than we are different. I don’t care about your background, race, beliefs, education…etc. people will connect on a common issue, situation, pain point, goal. That’s what I love about blogging about my pain points or things I’ve gone through and writing them in a way that can relate to my readers. Because at the end of the day us 20 something year olds are going through the same mess.


The eighth thing I learned from a year of blogging is,

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your writing becomes better and you learn to find your voice. I always prided myself on writing bomb essays and papers for school, but blogging is a totally different ball game. Because nobody is going to want to read a MLA formatted blog post. You learn to write more freely and in a relatable way that allows to express yourself…you want your readers to feel like they can relate to you and that you’re writing for them.


The ninth thing I learned from a year of blogging is,

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you learn to love yourself more…which is crazy to think. But through blogging I have been able to discover more of my purpose, gain new talents/hobbies, and develop skills that will help me succeed in my industry.


The last and tenth thing I learned from a year of blogging is,

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you build your personal brand and establish creditability on whatever your topic is. Having a blog is a great way to build your brand, design an esthetic, establish credibility, and show your knowledge on what you blog about. Depending on your industry, having a blog is a skill set within itself and shows a lot.



There you have it! I hope you enjoyed the post, if you did go ahead and stay on the blog and read some more! I don’t disappoint 😉  Want to learn how to identify and slay your personal brand? Click here to read on + sign up for my FREE 5 day email course on personal branding. Thank me later, xoxo.



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